If available: pull down screen, or side-screens at the stage with a projector to accomodate video footage Live Wire will provide to be displayed during show during certain songs/intervals. Video footage is available on DVD in various formats to accomodate DVD players, or computer playback.

If video screens are not available, Live Wire will provide a sound sampler which can be configured and tested during sound check, and use the sampler at certain intervals during the event (which will be noted on the setlist for the sound engineer).

If adequate room is available on the stage, an area of approximately 15 feet wide, and 5 feet deep, with a height range of about 15-17 feet high is required behind the drum riser to be cleared for Live Wire's "ROSIE" prop, which will be inflated and deflated during the event for a duration of ONE (possibly two) song. Two stage hands are to be provided by the venue/purchaser to assist Live Wire road crew with this task during the event.

Clear area behind the drum riser to hang a Live Wire backdrop/banner for the duration of the event.

Live Wire will require access to the ceiling area above the stage, or to rafters/lighting above the stage to fasten the Live Wire "HELLS BELL" stage prop for the duration of the event. Specs:

Band Contact: Bill V

Manager/Booking/Agent: Frank Kielb 610-325-4540